Mama Rosa's Tomato and Red Pepper Spread!

"Learn how to make delicious Italian Tomato and Pepper Spread from scratch!"


2 parts small Roma style tomatoes very ripe but firm and wringly
1 part red peppers - almost wringly - less water in them and tastier
Herbs - Chopped fresh savory tyme, lots of chopped garlic, and chopped fresh basil leaves, salt and pepper

Method for peppers

Cut peppers into strips, put on cookie sheet and put in sun to dry them for a day - in your sunroom is okay so they shrivel up and pick that sun dried flavour
Put them all in a bowl, coat with olive oil, lots of fresh cut garlic, savory, salt and pepper,  mix until well blended
and bake them at 300 for about 1 hour, cover with tin foil to avoid burning tops.  They don't have to be overcooked.
Set aside to cool.

Method for tomatoes

Cut in half and scool out inside - get rid of yellow part and seeds
Quarter then and put in large bowl
Sprinkle tomatoes with olive oil, pepper lots of savory and garlic and basic and bit of salt
Mix well, then spread on large cookie sheet with sides so juice doesn't spill. Don't overfill or they will steam.
Cover with loose tin foil on top to stop from burning tips and bake at 300 for 2 hours or until tomatoes look cooked.
Put aside to cool
Now put the peppers in the food processor and swish them around couple of times making sure you have lots of big chunks in the mixture - couple of swishes will do.
Do the same with tomatoes - don't over process
Now mix the two together, adding more salt and olive oil if required
Now I put the mixture  in small yogurt containers adding a little oil at top and freeze them.
They can be put into small jars then processed in hot water for 40 minutes for instant use but I prefer to freeze as its easier and taste fresh.
When needed, take and put them on counter to bring to room temperature or if you want put in small frying pan to warm up but usually as room temperature is great.
Serve on fresh bread, crackers, use as a sauce for tacos, inside sandwiches.  We like it on good bread with a slice of hard cheese on top.  

Mama Rosa prefers to do her peppers one day and tomatoes next day - total 3 days (1 day for sundrying peppers). She also does a tray of peppers and 2 trays of tomatoes.